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Master of Ceremonies in France

Even if you’re organizing your wedding in France by yourself, you won’t want to be occupied with this on the big day itself (and preferably not on the days leading up
to it, either). And obviously you’d rather not push anything on friends or family members; everyone should be able to enjoy the wedding without worry.
The solution? A professional Master of Ceremonies!

Naturally, when in France, you’d like a Master of Ceremonies who speaks French fluently and understands French culture. Look no further!

  • We will start at least six weeks in advance, going over the entire planning together, and you’ll provide me with all required details about suppliers, guests,
    et cetera.
  • I will create a detailed scenario for the wedding.
  • I will double check all the deals that have been made with suppliers and the location, making sure nothing gets left to chance.
  • For the duration of the wedding I will be present and act as contact person
    for suppliers and guests. I will be keeping an eye on the daily planning and
    make sure you have your hands free to enjoy your beautiful day uninterrupted.

Feel free to contact me.


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