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Wedding planner in France

A wedding in France. A whole weekend spent celebrating love and enjoying a
beautiful French location with your friends and family! Not a standard celebration,
but one that shows who you are! A chance to enjoy some real holiday feeling and actually take the time to be with your beloved guests!

If this is how you envision your dream wedding, I am the wedding planner you're looking for!

There's no country like France as a setting for your union of love. Its stunning rural landscape, historical towns, ancient castles and manors and typically French unaffected 'joie de vivre' together create a one-of- a-kind ambiance, and close to home, too!

I have lived and worked in France for years and will be able to assist you for the
whole duration of the wedding preparations. I speak French fluently, I'm familiar with the culture and I know where to find the best vendors. You'll have one main point of contact for Dutch or English enquiries, which does away with any miscommunication and stress, and also saves you any unnecessary trips to France to make sure things are running smoothly. Preparing for your wedding should most of all be enjoyable for the both of you!

Where do we start?
The more I know about your wants and wishes, the more I have to work with. It's
very important to me that there is a personal connection and mutual trust between
us, as this is a prerequisite for a successful collaboration. We'll start with a
no-strings-attached meeting either by videocall, via Skype or Whatsapp, or even
face-to-face in France.

If you wish to proceed, I will then draft a proposal tailored to your needs. You may choose to:

The choice is yours. Feel free to get in touch!


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